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Communicate with your guests like never before with the MobileBytes loyalty app

MobileBytes is the customer companion app to MobileBytes POS. Using iBeacon technology, your POS system can automatically greet your customers’ smartphones when they are near or enter your restaurant. The MobileBytes app contains a customizable, interactive loyalty system that encourages more frequent visits. MobileBytes also encourages new customer visits through location based discovery. Stay connected to your guests with MobileBytes!

  • Your customers earn loyalty rewards in My Points

  • Proximity communication with iBeacon

  • Automatically send notifications to your guests

  • New customer visits through location-based discovery

  • Offer specials, discounts, coupons, and up-coming events

Download the MobileBytes app today, it's FREE!

Market directly to your customers’ smartphones with iBeacon enabled guest engagement

Using iBeacon technology, your POS system can automatically greet and market directly to your customers’ smartphones when they are in proximity of your restaurant. Your restaurant will be able to add guests to your food and beverage tickets and track your guests’ loyalty points automatically.

What is iBeacon Technology?

iBeacon technology enables a smartphone or other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to your restaurant. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone’s software can pinpoint its own location in your restaurant. An iBeacon broadcast has the ability to approximate when a user has entered, exited, or lingered in a region. Depending on a customer’s proximity to a beacon, they are able to receive different levels of interaction at each of these three ranges.

Your customers’ loyalty cards are now in an app!

Restaurant owners are increasingly supplementing their old loyalty-card programs with mobile options to keep guests coming back. The “My Points” feature gives your guests a great reason to return. My Points is a rewards program that offers guests rewards points when they spend money in your restaurant. My Points has 3 levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) that give your customers something fun and enticing to keep them continually enthused about your establishment. Many customers have stopped using old, printed loyalty cards and are now turning to apps to communicate with their favorite restaurants and bars. The MobileBytes app is the solution to creating an even stronger, more exciting loyalty program to keep your guests coming back for more!

No more need for costly paper loyalty cards!

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