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Restaurant POS Systems for Long Island

The Right POS from the Right Provider

Located on Long Island, NY, Microsan is an industry-leading provider of point of sale systems across the greater New York and tri-state area. For more than 40 years, our focus has been on consistently providing high-quality technology solutions for a wide variety of restaurants across the region.

Our high-class team of industry professionals and a conveniently located office allows restaurants throughout the tri-state area to function. We are your restaurant POS experts. At Microsan, we work with each customer to create a plan that maps out the best possible solutions that allow restaurants to improve productivity, efficiency, and security.


Restaurant POS Solutions for You

Everything Your Long Island Restaurant Needs, and More

At Microsan, commitment to customers is our number one priority. That's why we're proud to offer the industry-leading solutions your business needs to find success. Some of our feature-rich solutions include:

  • Self-order kiosks: customers can browse your menu and place their own orders on easy-to-use touch screens.

  • Online and mobile ordering: take ordering on the go with an ordering solution that goes where your customers go.

  • Guest app: engage your customers with a mobile app that markets to and brings customers into your restaurant.  

  • Gift and loyalty program management: easily create and manage gift and loyalty programs that keep customers coming back.

  • Kitchen display system: orders pop up on a heads-up display in your kitchen and make the process from prep to plate or delivery easier than ever.  

Long Island, NY Restaurant POS Technology Sales and Service

Since 1978, Microsan has been proudly serving the Long Island and tri-state area for all your restaurant POS sales and service needs. With an office conveniently located in Holbrook, New York, we're always available to satisfy your business needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our business and the solutions we offer.

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