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Loyalty without the blindfold.

It's amazing how many restaurant loyalty solutions exist today. In reality, they're all the same; lots of check-ins, gimmicks, and give aways—all of it gives you no meaningful data about your guests.

PosIQ is different. We do an incredible job of associating real people (your guests) to transactions inside your restaurant's POS system. We call this guest tracking, and we do it better than anybody else.

Create offers that actually work.

You want to grow your business, but you don't want to discount purchases that were already going to happen. PosIQ lets you create Smart Offers that create revenue without discounting existing business.

Pair rich demographic data and purchase history with intelligently restricted discounts and you create business-growing results. Every offer is verified and applied by your existing POS—no extra screens or invalid employee discounting.

Deep integration means better data.

Capture, analyze, and market to your guests based on what they order, when they visit, who helped them, and lots of other data points that you just can't get without deep POS integration.

See the effect of advertising, offers, and social media.

How many guests responded to your most recent ad? How much did those guests spend? Were they new guests or existing customers? Is social media driving in customers, or just hearts and likes?

PosIQ tracks and reports on it all—to the penny—for every location.



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