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POS Connect

Let POS Connect do the heavy lifting while you control the front end.  Integrate your POS with powerful data and unparallelled in-store connectivity into your app or service. Easily power loyalty, payments, online ordering, offers, analytics and much more.

Consumer Insights 

Learn who your customers are and the specific items they purchase. LoyalTree Insights uses POS Connect technology to pair unique guest data with transaction data so you can deliver a more personalized guest experience than ever before.

Business Intelligence

Make more informed decisions about pricing, staffing, inventory management and more - even when you're on the go. LoyalTree Intelligence Tools instantly infuse full sales analytics to produce custom reports that can improve business efficiencies and more.


Redeem discounts and offers directly from your point-of-sale. LoyalTree Attribution automatically verifies and discounts the transcations so there's no guess work, and no change in operations. Close the loop and connect ads, campaigns, and offers with the in-store revenue they generate.


Reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time. Create a more personalized guest experience while increasing engagement and basket size by sending messaging and offers to hightly segmented and relevant customer.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Easily create tailor-made retention and loyalty programs that fit exact needs of your specific business. LoyalTree's award-winning customer retention tools keep your customers coming back for more.



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