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Since in 1978, Microsan has consistently provided customized POS solutions and comprehensive support to thousands of customers in the tri-state area.  Our office and technicians are strategically positioned within our service areas to provide the most expeditious service possible.

The founding philosophy of the company has remained unchanged throughout our years of service, however, we are pledged to reinforce it on a daily basis. Our goal has always been to provide the most reliable point-of-sale system at the most judicious price, while providing our customers with the highest level of support and service in the process.

In today’s ever changing competitive business world, making the correct decision about which technology solution is right for your operation, and which company you should partner with to insure that you achieve the greatest value is of primary importance. Our team of professionals provide the expertise and commitment necessary to address the information management needs of today’s very dynamic and challenging business climate.

Our approach has been to work with each client to first analyze and understand the nature and needs of their business. This philosophy of closely partnering with each customer has enabled us to maximize the effectiveness of each system installation, to produce the greatest degree of productivity, and to provide highest return-on-investment possible for our clients.

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